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Agility has become a very popular activity to do with your canine companion.  The aim is to negotiate a series of obstacles correctly within a set time.  To do this you need control.  GDTC hold training classes for all levels from complete beginner (Grade 1) to advanced (Grade 7) on Tuesday evenings at Houghton Hall Equestrian & Alpaca Centre.

Beginners Classes start with the dog/handler getting introduced to all of the equipment.  Under the guidance of an instructor, handlers are shown how to get their dogs to negotiate the equipment safely.

Starters Classes are for both dog and handler to expand their skills and practice courses are set up to replicate what to expect at an Agility Competition.

Advanced classes are for competition dogs/handlers to fine tune their performance.  Our instructors will offer advice on any problems that arise such as positioning and body language, they will help you try out those difficult manoeuvers that you need to win.

For further information or to discuss if a class is suitable for you and your dog please ring Lynet on 07754 801997 

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