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Obedience Training - is it for me? Class Times & contact Info

We have all seen dogs taking their owners for a walk, dogs that don’t come back when called and dogs generally doing their own thing.

A dog with obedience training is able to respond correctly to commands and generally has a good relationship with his or her handler.  They share a close bond.  Whatever you wish to do – agility, showing, training to the gun or simply to have a well loved family pet, obedience training helps you achieve this.

Obedience training helps owners and their dogs to communicate with one another so that the dog can understand what is being asked of him or her.  An important part of obedience training is socialisation – dogs need to get on with one another and with people.

A well behaved dog that you can take with you wherever you go is a joy.

 At Godmanchester Dog Training Club we believe in rewarding a dog’s good behaviour but do not believe in ignoring bad behaviour in the hope that it will ‘go away’. 



We are currently able to offer a beginners/intermediate class starting at 7.15pm on Tuesday evenings which lasts for approximately 45 to 50 minutes. This class is for dogs that have had little or no formal training and are working towards their Good Citizen Bronze Award.

 For further information or to discuss if a class is suitable for you and your dog please ring Susan or Diane on 
07754 821448 

You are welcome to leave a message - we will call back, although it may not be on the day you call.


Our training venue is an equestrian centre and this brings its own challenges as two thirds of the arena is used for agility training so training sessions can be quite noisy!

When attending classes please wear boots or walking shoes; sandals are not appropriate as the flooring is designed for exercising and training horses.   In the winter months it can be quite cold so layers of clothing are advisable.

You will need to clear up after your dog so always carry a bag in your pocket to clear up.  Do not allow dogs to urinate on any jumps, equipment, doors or gates.

Use either a normal collar or a half check collar and a lead of a suitable length for you and your dog.  A flexi-lead is not suitable for training classes.

As we are affiliated to the Kennel Club we are able to offer the Good Citizen Scheme programme.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

We are able to offer training for

Puppy Foundation
Bronze Award
Silver Award
Gold Award

To work for these awards you dog will need to have a legal dog tag on his collar. This must include your name and address.  You may include your telephone number.

This is a legal requirement even if the dog is micro chipped.

Obedience Enquiry

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Are there any issues or problems you wish to work on with your dog?

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